Passionate Bio-translational experts engineering personalized medicine.


Enhance, Develop, Generate, Evolve

The current situation around the world has shown the importance of developing quick and effective translation of niche research technologies for human use.
Our passion is to implement advanced therapeutic interventions using multi-disciplinary platforms of stem cells, biomaterials, gene editing, and bioprinting of miniature individualized organoids for drug screening and transplantation.
Our quest is to make such exclusive personalized therapies robust and affordable.

Following an EDGE philosophy to address immediate short-term and long-term plans for the organization.
The immediate necessities are provided as Enhanced products that are alternatives to the existing market products providing application and functional improvements.
The long-term niche products focusing on personalized medicine are designed and Developed to Generate Evolved products including vaccines and organ regeneration.

Vision and Mission

Just as UR affections are personal, UR training, work, life and treatment are personal. As the scientific understanding progresses to resolve the unique finger print of each individual, the solutions will also be addressed accordingly. Realizing and living a seekers life at UR advanced therapeutics, we chose to implement and invent advanced technologies for personalization of treatment. 

At UR organization, we set on cruise to step into living the future kind, while creating therapies and solutions of future. oUR team is directed and dedicated personally to dwell and deliver with passion as we take everything personally and thus our motto, “It’s all personal”.



Dynamic Apoptosis Detection kit

Polarity sensitive Nano Tail Dye Conjugates (NTDC) that can detect Transient, Early and Late apoptosis. The NTDC can be labelled with a variety of florescent dyes giving the flexibility of alternative staining. This provides a simple, single step live cell imaging capability and do not require fixation of cells. Thus, saving your cells for further use/analysis.


Recombinantly produced large custom designed proteins punctated for cell and tissue specific functions including stemness, proliferation and differentiation used as base matrix for culture of stem cell, iPSC ssand cancer organoids. The UR-Mat can be mechanically tuned to fit the tissue needs and thus is customizable for cell and tissue specificity.


Ubiquitously organizable-Artificial Dendritic Cell Vaccines

Selected protein/antigen based vaccines have limited capabilities and often fail to provide required immunity to pathogen. We develop antigen array for selected viral/Bacterial pathogen on Nanoparticles imitating the natural antigen presenting cell function. We also develop custom delivery of antigens (proteins and lipopolysaccharides to the antigen presenting cells to develop immune response. The same platform will be further developed for other infectious diseases as well as cancers. We aim to offer immunotherapeutic solutions to variety of animal and human infectious diseases and cancers that are prevalent worldwide and in India.

Vectors and Hosts

High Protein Expression and Production platforms

There is no one perfect combination of microbial or mammalian expression vector or host systems that fits stable, high expression of various biosimilar and artificial custom designed proteins used for therapeutic and tissue engineering applications. Gene carrying vectors are engineered with optimal gene expression elements including promoters, signal sequences, secretory sequences for high yields and solubility for less complicated downstream processes. Similarly, selection of hosts modified genetically for targeted protein expression and secretion also play a crucial in recombinant protein expression and yields. We provide development of wide range of vector/host systems suitable for high expression and easier downstream processing for targeted proteins.


A Vision for Future and A Design for Success
An Exclusive Team to Implement

Dr Jaganmohan Reddy

Founder, CEO & CSO

Dr Bindu Madhav Aramati

Scientific Advisor

Dr Lavleen Gupta

Scientific Advisor

Priya Yennam

Advisor - Business Development

Raaghav Sen

Bioprinting Research Engineer

Dr Bindu Madhav Aramati

Scientific Advisor

Dr Lavleen Gupta

Scientific Advisor

Priya Yennam

Advisor - Business Development

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