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oUR vision of Utopia for Researchers is centered on fostering regeneration and enhancing the life quality for individuals worldwide. We are dedicated to seamlessly integrating innovative Biomaterials and stem cell technologies in our scientific initiatives to pioneer transformative advancements in tissue engineering and reshape the future of healthcare.

We believe in building an organization that not only advances scientific frontiers but also prioritizes the development of people, encouraging approaches that enable each member to accomplish their human potential.


We design de Novo peptides to mimic the structure and function of natural proteins/peptides and synthesize them from scratch with minimal footprint and to avoid the need to rely on existing biological alternatives that are prone to cause zoonotic diseases. Using a combination of computational methods, including machine learning and structural biology, the library of artificial peptides are developed for applications in Tissue engineering, Therapeutics, Drug Discovery, and Companion Diagnostics.


Dynamic Apoptosis Detection (DAD)-Kit

Single-step, easy-to-use, early and late Apoptosis Detection in Native Cell Media free of Ca 2+, highly sensitive towards Phosphatidyl Serine.

Successfully Tested over a series of cell lines and drugs.
Suitable for Flow cytometry, Live cell Imaging, 3D Organoid Culture and High Throughput Imaging
Multiple choices of dyes for counterstaining (BODIPY, FITC, IANBD, Cy3 and Cy5)


A peptide-based fluorescent biosensor to identify the live/proliferating cells is free of cellular toxicity and is useful for monitoring cell division and quantification.
Highly useful in fluorescent microscopy and High Content Imaging.

ViaBLUE Cell Proliferation Kit

Resazurin-based assay to quantitate live cells
– High Signal to Noise ratio
– Non-Toxic to Cells
Time-dependent assay formulation development for high sensitivity.

High-Expression Bacterial Vectors

Custom-designed promoters for the over-expression of genes of interest.
To meet industrial requirements, customization of gene-specific promoters, enhancers, and signal peptides for host cell types and genes of interest.


UR Advanced Therapeutics offers a wide range of solutions to meet your research and development requirements.

Wet Laboratory Services

  • 2D/3D cell cultures organoids of cancer and stem cells.
  • Flow cytometry
  • Confocal and Live-cell Imaging
  • Drug Screening, Cell toxicity
  • Gene cloning, Immuno assays
  • Peptide Synthesis
    Purification and analysis (Prep HPLC, analytical HPLC Triple Quad MS)

In-silico Biology Services

  • NGS data analysis
  • Molecular docking-based Screening of chemical libraries
  • Molecular dynamics simulations
  • Data mining and Processing.


Dr Jaganmohan Reddy

Founder, CEO & CSO

Dr Aparna Rachamallu

Head, Operations

Dr Bhavani Shankar

Head, Molecular Biology

Prof Pallu Reddanna


Dr Surya Singh

Chief Scientist (Bioinformatics)

Mr Harinath Reddy

Accounts Manager

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Corporate office:

UR Advanced Therapeutics Pvt Ltd
Bhavya’s Spoorthi Bhavan, Plot No A-1, Filmnagar
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, 500096, Telangana, India

R&D Center:

UR Advanced Therapeutics Pvt Ltd
Suite 19, ASPIRE-BioNEST, School of Life Sciences
University of Hyderabad, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, 500046, Telangana, India.

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